custom photo adventures


Let’s craft your perfect photography experience together!

see what you love most!

We build a personalized itinerary just for you

stop and see the details

move at your own pace, all day

all the time you need

Linger as long as you want in each location

one-on-one training

we focus on the skills you most want to learn

Your Day, Your Way

You have a day to spend photographing the Oregon coast and you have certain goals in mind. Perhaps you want one-on-one coaching on a specific photography technique. Or you are focused on photographing particular species. Or perhaps you just want the freedom to move as quickly or slowly as you want without waiting on a group. Let us use our local knowledge and professional photography experience to create a plan for the day that revolves around your goals.

This option is perfect for photographers traveling alone or with non-photographer friends and family members!

With this Photo workshop, you’ll: 

  • Focus only on the locations or the species you’re most interested in seeing
  • Get one-on-one photography instruction throughout the day
  • Be free to linger as long as you’d like in each location
  • Spend time on the photography techniques or styles you most want to learn


Half-Day:  4 hours – we’ll schedule our outing for sunrise, sunset, middle of the day – whenever you’d like!

Full-Day:   8 hours – we’ll schedule our outing for your preference of maximizing sunrise or sunset light.

Sunrise to Sunset:  Hours vary by season, but these are long days. Plan on roughly an 11-hour day in winter, and as long as an 18-hour day in summer.


Starts at $200
Discounted pricing for groups


Potential Locations:

Tour locations range in along the coast, and we may visit spots anywhere from Tillamook to Florence. Depending on your preferences, the weather, tide schedule, and a range of other factors, our list of locations may include such highlights as:

– Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
– Yaquina Bay
– Seal Rock
– Sea Lion Caves
– Cape Perpetua
– Drift Creek Falls
– and many other gorgeous spots along Oregon’s central coast

Of course, mixed in with these known locations are a slough of less celebrated and carefully scouted wild spots that are pure gems for photography.